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We are committed to helping our clients thrive

AFC's work is rooted in Adam's 18+ years of combined experience in strategy consulting, professional learning, leadership development, and family businesses. The company's rigorous, supportive and hands-on approach stems from this experience.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, AFC assists organizations in identifying high-value opportunities and tackling their most pressing issues. Working with senior leaders, we partner with our client organizations to help catalyze lasting change. We do this through thoughtful, creative strategy and by enhancing leadership capabilities critical to putting strategic plans into action.

Our purpose

Creating lasting value for organizations, their industries, and surrounding communities

With converging business and societal interests, we believe advantage stems from an organization's ability to create value for all its relevant stakeholders -- not just its shareholders. Our goal is to help clients enhance competitiveness and create relevant social value as mutually reinforcing objectives.

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