Adaptability, resilience, enduring value


Organizations thrive when they are able to create value for their customers more effectively than their competitors do. This requires a rigorous, creative strategy that directs resources toward activities critical to Competitive Advantage.

Heightened uncertainty and rapidly changing markets are making the formulation of strategy more challenging. Too often, however, decision-makers turn to stale planning processes mislabeled as good strategy. This often results in a mismatch between what an organization does, and what its customers and other relevant stakeholders consider valuable.

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Leaders in all sectors face increasing complexity, heightened uncertainty, and rapid change. Making the decisions necessary to drive sustained value is becoming more difficult.

If leaders are to rise to this challenge, they must enhance their capacity to act effectively across a broad range of issues and functions. This means working individually and collectively to strengthen the tightness of fit across their chosen market(s), their organization, and their people.

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